32 Stellar Happiness Moments Everyone Gets (but Doesn't See Coming)

Proof surprises don't have to be scary: These delightful slices of life are served up when you least expect them.

You're Home, but You Linger in the Car

Whether it's your favorite song on the radio, a fascinating news story or a really great conversation that keeps you in the driver's seat for a few extra minutes, those driveway moments can be the extraordinary part of an ordinary day.

People Are Gossiping About You

You turn the corner in the office and realize your co-workers were talking about you —about how completely, totally great they think you are.

You Find The Daydreamer on Your Shelf

Someone gave you the book last year and you read a page and put it down. But today when you pick it up again, it is the exact right perfect book for the exact moment.

You Feel a Sudden Attraction to a Man at a Crowded Party

...Right as you realize he's the one with whom you came.

Amy Shearn is the author of The Mermaid of Brooklyn: A Novel.