32 Stellar Happiness Moments Everyone Gets (but Doesn't See Coming)

Proof surprises don't have to be scary: These delightful slices of life are served up when you least expect them.

Weather Reports Are Wonderfully Wrong

They swore there would be a dreadful thunderstorm, but you went out to the beach anyway, and then—voila—the dark clouds cleared, the sun shone and you had the whole shore to yourself.

A Real, Actual Paper Letter Comes for You

You Accidentally See History Being Made

You're watching some channel you would never really watch, just because it's on at the bar or someone's house, and you catch a historic or special moment—Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, the end of Wendy Davis' filibuster, the splashy landing of the SpaceX Dragon capsule—and for a few minutes you are a part of the story.

Of All the People in the Park, the Butterfly Lands on You

The Kitschy Commemorative Las Vegas Platter Is Returned

Yes, your neighbor borrowed it two years ago, and yes, you'd completely forgotten it existed, but then she gives it back exactly two days before you're hosting a casino-themed party for which it will be perfect.

You Get Caught Reading Over a Stranger's Shoulder

But then he turns the page more slowly so you have a chance to finish.

Someone Tags You in a (Very, Very Flattering) Photo