32 Stellar Happiness Moments Everyone Gets (but Doesn't See Coming)

Proof surprises don't have to be scary: These delightful slices of life are served up when you least expect them.

The Distant Friend You Miss Calls You—Just as You Were Thinking About Her

Your Vacation Snapshot Is Photobombed

Every Popcorn Kernel Pops

She Says Yes

Whether you witness it from a nearby park bench or on the Jumbotron at the ball game, watching someone propose allows you to vicariously experience, in a completely uncomplicated way, the pure, simple pleasures of love.

You Learn That You Like the Taste of Lychees

And that the world is full of fruits you have yet to try.

The Mechanic Says What You Were Hoping He Would

When the car starts leaking mysterious fluids the day before the road trip you think your luck couldn't possibly get any worse. And yet, every once in a while, you take the car in ready for bad news, and the mechanic tells you that it's just water from the air conditioner, and he doesn't even charge you for looking at it, and all day long life feels easy.

You Witness an Everyday Act of Minor Heroism