32 Stellar Happiness Moments Everyone Gets (but Doesn't See Coming)

Proof surprises don't have to be scary: These delightful slices of life are served up when you least expect them.

The Baby Doesn't Know You're Not a Baby Person

Here's to the friend's infant who stops crying whenever you hold her, even though you totally don't remember how to hold a baby.

You Pick Up a Huge Bunch of Balloons for the Party

Now try walking down the street holding them without smiling. Just try it.

That Woman with Your Same Bag Holding the Same Book You're Reading Sits Next to You on the Bus

What can you do when you meet your doppelganger? You smile, maybe wordlessly acknowledge your matching tote bags, and then you never see each other again. But you always know she's out there.

You Get to Go Backstage

Anywhere: the ballet, a concert, a fashion show, a local high school's production of West Side Story.

You Open a Library Book and Find Someone Else's Love Note

See also: pressed autumn leaves, completed to-do lists, flower petals or receipts that tell their own stories.

Monday Turns Out to Be a Snow Day

Everyone's Trying to Think of the Name of the Explorer Who Discovered the North Pole

And you're the one who comes up with it.