32 Stellar Happiness Moments Everyone Gets (but Doesn't See Coming)

Proof surprises don't have to be scary: These delightful slices of life are served up when you least expect them.

It Turns Out "Jo-Jo's Famus Restaurant" Does Have the World's Best Key Lime Pie

It may have a misspelled sign, and it may look like any old ramshackle, roadside diner, and you may have only stopped because you needed to gas up the car and get a break from staring at the highway. But it may also have the best darn pie you've ever had in your life.

You Make Meaningful Eye Contact with a Stranger

Whether it's a gleeful baby looking over its mother's shoulder, someone else's loping greyhound or the beautiful driver of a passing car, there is something in that instant, that only the two of you will ever know.

An Annoying Traffic Jam Turns Out to Be Totally Charming

We've all done it—made that disgust-showing throat sound and rolled our eyes when we were trying to get from Point A to Point B and found ourselves trapped waiting for a huge, endless parade to pass. But it's a moment that can become magical, when you stop to look, to really see, and to marvel at the revelry, whether it's a rowdy West Indian Day festival churning with huge sparkling costumes or a homespun 4th of July parade of which every single person in this small town seems to be a part.

A Life-Smudge Gets Wiped Away

For the bespectacled of the world, there is nothing like that day when you go into the glasses shop and have a professional clean your glasses in that superintense way only a professional can, then put them back on and go outside and realize that you aren't actually feeling foggy and unfocused about life, it's just that your lenses were really smudged.

The Dress Fits You Perfectly

On the first try, without any alterations. Bonus points if it's a one-of-a-kind vintage dress. Double bonus points if it's a wedding dress.

Your Salmon Mousse Rocks the Potluck

Even though this was your first time making it.

You Realize You've Developed a Relationship with a Painting