Dr. Robin Smith
In her previous show , Dr. Robin took a closer look at the Rush Limbaugh-Michael J. Fox controversy. Last month, Rush suggested that Michael, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, was either exaggerating his tremors or hadn't taken his medication when he made a television commercial supporting embryonic stem cell research. Dr. Robin invited listeners to think not about Rush Limbaugh, but rather about society in general—and how are we contributing to a society that accepts hurtful statements?

Dr. Robin says she's been so affected by the controversy, she wants to continue the conversation. Why is it that we say things that offend, and why do we allow others to do the same? "There are only two kinds of immoral conduct," she quotes. "The first is due to indifference, thoughtlessness and failure to reflect upon what is for the common good. The second is represented by the deliberate refusal, after reflection, to follow the light when you see it."

Dr. Robin says we can no longer sit back and allow nastiness, sarcasm, ignorance and bias in the world. "We're not allowed to play the dumb game, the ignorant game, the 'I-didn't-realize-I-was-being-offensive' game.

"I believe with every fiber in my being that there is a goodness, a generosity and a tenderness that is our divine birthright," she says. "Something has robbed, cheated and stolen that from us to the point that we're missing it totally. We don't hear the nastiness in our tone, we don't hear our sarcasm. … And when we are tearing someone down, we are contributing to a lot of what we criticize."