Dr. Robin Smith
Last month, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh accused actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, of exaggerating his shaking in a political campaign commercial that supported embryonic stem cell research. Dr. Robin says she was "blown away" and says the issue isn't about Rush Limbaugh—it's about society and why it has gone awry. "This isn't about being 'right,' it's about relationships," Dr. Robin says. "And when you make fun of someone and you tease someone and you use someone's hardship against them, something is missing in you and me."

Dr. Robin says we are all guilty as charged, for not standing up to—and even allowing—hurtful statements. "There is a quote that says, 'They who allow oppression share in the crime,'" Dr. Robin says. "We are allowing and raising children who are nasty…This country is producing human beings that we should be ashamed of."

What have you done in your life to fuel the oppression of a human being? Have you made fun of someone with a disability? Or have you seen the mistreatment of someone and gone silent about it? "Your silence and mine and all of the excuses we make—it's now unacceptable," Dr. Robin says. "What kinds of attitudes are running up and down your hallways at work, at home, and how are those attitudes—those things that you've let slide—actually creating harm?"
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