Dr. Robin Smith
Recently, Dr Robin was at a fundraising event with a group of people who turned a pleasant conversation into a gossiping session, talking about a couple's marital problems. When the conversation went south, Dr. Robin says she removed herself from the group. "If you really want to attract goodness in your life and vitality, what it requires is you put out goodness, and aliveness and honor and respect," Dr. Robin says. "Gossip is anything but honorable and respectful."

Are you a gossiper? Are you someone who makes light or fun of someone else's hardship? Do you somehow blame other people, shame other people and talk about them behind their back with other people? Dr. Robin says it is time to get off the grapevine and create a life that is really worth living by focusing on yourself and your problems, instead of talking about other people's problems. "Gossip is a distraction," Dr. Robin says. "It wastes your brain power because you are focused on somebody else's life, which you can't do anything about, when you could focus on your own."

Dr. Robin says refraining from gossip is more than just minding your own business so you can tend to your lifeā€”it is minding your own business so you can focus on growing what is important in your life. "Consider whether or not you are willing to get off that grapevine of gossip and make the decision to go out on a limb," Dr Robin says. "That is where the fruit of your life really is."