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Crystal, 24, Arlington, Tennessee

I came home early from work to discover an extremely depressed, drunk and suicidal husband. Before this day, I was aware of his depression but not his severe alcohol abuse.

I checked him into the hospital where they told me his blood alcohol level was .39. I was shocked. I also found out that he had been drinking every day for at least two years behind my back. He stayed in the hospital for five days and is in intense outpatient therapy every evening after work.

Meanwhile, I feel like my life has been destroyed. I've been very angry with him. I've been trying to deal with the destruction he created in my life—wondering, was he drunk here; did he drive drunk and how he could do this to me?

I told [him] how important it was for him to acknowledge the pain he has caused and I recognized how holding onto the resentment and anger was tearing me apart, so I'm beginning my journey of forgiveness. I also had the most amazing weekend with a husband who seems like a different person who can become a present part of my life. I know it's only the beginning, but I feel like we are taking all the necessary steps to have a healthier relationship. Getting help was his first step and starting to forgive him was mine.


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