How to find your inner strengthHow do you find your inner strength? With a little help from Martha Beck! It's time for a metamorphosis. 
Get ready to fly!

How to be wildly successfulIf at first you don't succeed...ask yourself, "Am I an otter? A squirrel? A mouse?" The answer makes a big difference.
How to be wildly successful

The secrets you're not telling yourselfDo you feel sadness...rage...resentment? How to deal with those not-so-fun feelings.
The secrets you're not telling yourself

Find true happinessWhere you live, what you do, how much sex you have—discover the real secrets to true happiness!
Turn that frown upside down

Take a course in self-appreciationWhat's more compelling than movie star beauty and more enhancing than plastic surgery? Here's a little course in self-appreciation.
Here's looking at you kid