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By making changes to live with less, Candice must confront difficult emotional issues. She reveals that her husband died in 1997 while saving one of their sons from drowning during a fishing trip. Candice says after his death, she began spending money as a way to demonstrate her love to her children and in an attempt to soothe her own pain.

"I've been hiding behind the shoes and the house and the clothes for so long. ... Since I lost my husband, it's all been about masking the pain," she says. "I didn't want my friends to see that. I didn't want my children to see that. I didn't want them to know that. So I would just keep shopping so I could look good on the outside to cover up what was on the inside."

With the challenge, Candice says she had light bulb moments beginning on the very first day. "No TV allowed me to sit down with my children and just have a conversation about their day, my day. We had dinner together, and there were no outside distractions," she says. "There has been a huge shift in my thinking. I know that I don't need the stuff. I know my children don't need the stuff. All I ever needed was them, and all they ever needed was me. And that's been the most amazing feeling."

See how Candice cleared out her closets!
FROM: Oprah's "What Can You Live Without?" Experiment
Published on March 02, 2009


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