Dr. Robin Smith
Have you ever had an important thought while you were driving, and tried to jot it down on a piece of paper as you try to hold the wheel steady? Dr. Robin says taking your eyes off the road—no matter what the reason—can be dangerous.

When you're navigating through life, taking your eyes off the road can keep you from achieving your goals and cultivating relationships. "The road is a symbol," Dr. Robin says. "It's a symbol of 'What is it that distracts you from your goals? What is it that pulls you away from your dreams, from the things that you want to accomplish?'"

Dr. Robin says part of why we're not creating what we want in our lives—what we deserve, what we need, what we desire—is because we've taken our eyes off the road. We become distracted and we lose sight of our focus; we stop paying attention. "It is time today for you to decide you're going to put your eyes back on the road," Dr. Robin says. "You're going to keep your eyes on the road of your life, of your dreams, of your aspirations, of your desires, of your longings—keep your eyes on the road of life."
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