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From afar, 2006 seemed to be Sheryl Crow's year. Successful, healthy and engaged to be married to cyclist Lance Armstrong—the man she called her soul mate—this nine-time Grammy winner hoped for a year of firsts. She says she wanted to travel to Africa, get married and think about having kids.

In early February, Sheryl's life took an unexpected turn. She and Lance announced to the world that they were breaking off their engagement and ending their two-year relationship.

Then, just two and a half weeks later, Sheryl made another shocking announcement. She revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, doctors caught the cancer early. Sheryl had a lumpectomy and endured six and a half weeks of radiation treatment.

Sheryl says the events of the past year have been life altering, and for her, things will never be the same. "I've had so many people [say to] me, 'Gosh, you know, everything's really gone wrong for you this year,' and it took me going through that to realize that everything really went right for me," she says. "It brought me to this point where I am now, and I really feel like I have a lot of clarity."


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