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Sheryl says when she first found out she had cancer she cried, and she still tries to have a good cry once a day. "It's in really experiencing your emotion, holding the emotion, really working through it ... those are the conditions for your awakening. That's how you really find out who you are," she says.

While striving for self-discovery, Sheryl also learned who she needed to help her along the way. "It's about surrounding yourself with people who really edify you and lift you up," she says. "I still am very conscious about having people around me who are positive and who are on the right course."

After her diagnosis, Sheryl says she bought a home in Nashville, Tennessee, to be near her family. "At the end of the day, you really go to where the people are that are constantly helping you to remember who you are, who you were born to be," she says. "Your family, your friends, those are the people that really are here in your life for a reason to sort of help you find your way."


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