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After Italy it was on to India, where Liz says she was searching for inner peace. "There was something about that yoga path that really appealed to me—and you do that through silence and the discipline of meditation—and I really wanted to go pursue that full out.

"I did a little meditation test on myself one night. I said, 'I'm not moving from this place. I'm going to meditate.' And then came the mosquitoes. And I thought, I'm not going to slap at them because I've spent my life slapping away at every little reflexive thing that irritates me, and I'm going to sit through this to show I'm the master of myself and we'll start with the mosquito bites and work down to the soul—and it kind of worked.

"None of this works without stillness," Liz says. "One of the great teachings that I learned in India is that silence is the only true religion."

Liz says that learning to be still was a discipline she had to learn. "I think many of us are like that, and we set up our lives so that we do not need to be with ourselves. I was in an elevator in New York the other day, coming up in an elevator and there's a television set in the elevator. Heaven forbid anyone should have to spend eight seconds alone! You know? Because it's so scary."
FROM: Eat, Pray, Love and Oprah's Book Club Announcement!
Published on January 01, 2006


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