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Liz says she had no idea her book would become such a phenomenon. "Sometimes people come up and say, 'I found this book at the right moment, and thank you so much for writing this for me,'" she says. In reality, Liz says she began the book to help herself heal. "I wrote it to write my way out of the horrible situation I was in my life, and that's all I was thinking about when I was writing it."

Liz's journey begins with a traumatic experience for her, but one which she thinks her readers can relate to. "If you consider that journey started on the bathroom floor, three in the morning, going through the beginnings of a divorce, sobbing my eyes out, it seems like this really low moment. On the other hand, who amongst us has not met our bathroom floor tiles at 3:00 a.m. from a quarter of an inch away?" Liz says. "I think that alone makes it a universal experience for people struggling with those similar questions."
FROM: Eat, Pray, Love and Oprah's Book Club Announcement!
Published on January 01, 2006


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