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How to streamline, speed up and simplify, simplify, simplify.

Your Keystrokes

Here's the beauty of a keyboard shortcut: When you copy, paste, or perform other functions by pressing keys instead of grabbing your mouse, you can save an average of two seconds per minute, according to the technology and education experts at We know that doesn't seem like much—but according to their calculations, it can add up to a whopping eight workdays per year. That's an extra vacation.

Note: These shortcuts are for Macs; if you're a PC user, you can substitute the control, or "Ctrl," key for "Cmd" in most cases.)

BONUS! Teach your iPhone to type often-used phrases by programming shortcuts into your text settings; the abbreviation you assign (like "omw" for "On my way!") will automatically expand into the phrase when you text it. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard and scroll down to Add New Shortcut.
Melia Robinson

Your Giving

Want to send a personal token of your esteem—but avoid a trip to the post office? Now you can skip the errand and still deliver a heartfelt gift: lets you select from an array of treats—a custom scarf, lessons with a golf pro, bespoke candy from Chocomize—or send your own gift (anything you can buy online). It takes care of the rest, letting you add an e-card that can be decked out with snapshots or even arranged into an online puzzle for the recipient to solve. Speaking of gifts: The process takes about five minutes.

Your Housework

A Homejoy cleaning is both easy (schedule it online) and cheap (an hour of scrubbing: just $20), and the company is squeaky-clean: Homejoy pays workers more than the industry's national average. (Available in 31 cities;

Your Beauty Arsenal

Dear Petroleum Jelly,
    I love you. Some people call you Vaseline; I call you my everything. You are supremely serviceable. You are my night cream. You are my mascara remover. You are my anytime, anywhere de-asher: You shine up my knees and elbows like no other. You are my shoe polish in a hurry—when my favorite brown boots look dull at the toe, I rub you on and am ready to go. (See there, you've even got me rhyming now. That's how you know it's love.) I never know when I might need you; I'm always dipping a finger into your jar: when my lips feel chapped. When my hands feel dry. When just about anything feels dry, really. I keep one of you in every room, including my purse, which nearly qualifies as a room. And bless your heart, I can buy you in bulk from the dollar store. Isn't that always your way—giving so much more than you take?
Yours always, Penny Wrenn


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