suze orman
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The actress, producer, and director talks roller coasters, red carpets, and karaoke.

Best Style Icon
David Bowie. He's tried everything, and it all worked.

Best Spontaneous Decision
A few years ago, I bought an old red bicycle with the words FREE SPIRIT written across its side—which is exactly what I felt like when I rode it down the street in a tie-dyed dress.

Best Way to Express Yourself
Writing letters. A thank-you can be just as meaningful as a soulful ten-page message.

Best Meal
Shrimp and corn tamales and crispy, cooked-all-day-long duck at Vintage, a restaurant in Sun Valley, Idaho. Perfection.

Best Thrill
I love roller coasters that make my stomach drop. One ride in Las Vegas, the Big Shot, straps you into a row of seats and catapults you into the air from the top of the Stratosphere Tower—then plummets back down. I ride it over and over; it's exhilarating.

Best Pinch-Myself Moment
Sharing the red carpet with Steven Spielberg at the premiere of my film, Whip It. I wanted to make him proud, and I was honored that he came.

Best Karaoke Song
Anything by the Beastie Boys. I probably look like a dork when I'm screaming it out, but for those few minutes, I'm so happy—I take on a different attitude.

Best Place to Live
California is an unbelievable state. One day I might be in a spiritual place like Joshua Tree, then before I know it, I'm eating groovy sushi in a mini-mall. I'm a Cali girl through and through.

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