Dr. Robin Smith
Are you a worrier? Do you come from a family that worries…or doesn't know when to worry? A self-proclaimed "recovering worrier," Dr. Robin says her constant worrying once consumed her life and robbed her of precious time.

Dr. Robin says worrying drains your life and serves very little purpose. Whether it's about finances, relationships, parenting or health, worrying robs us of our power and cheats us of having a clear perspective about a situation in our lives, she says. "Worrying is like cancer—it's something that eats away at optimism," Dr. Robin says. "And it becomes this whole world of pessimism and clouds that are just hanging and looming."

Dr. Robin says instead of worrying, spend the time trying to solve the problem. Take strategic steps to begin to repair and rebuild that thing you're worried about. "If I worry about it, all I'm doing is turning in a circle, making myself dizzy with fear…and I'm not then able to use that energy to [solve the problem]," Dr. Robin says.

Worrying is a thief that is ripping you off, Dr. Robin says. Don't let it steal your opportunity! Dr. Robin suggests putting a time limit around how much time a day, a week, a month you are going to allow yourself to worry. "Let's start carving away at how much room we are giving to worry," Dr. Robin says. "Let's kick it to the curb and make lots of room for all the solutions that are at your doorstep."