Dr. Robin Smith
There are times in life when you may feel pushed to the edge, on the brink of failure, and it seems your best option is to give up. Dr. Robin says despite your pain and suffering, giving up is not the answer. "I believe meltdowns come right before the miracle, I believe breakdowns come right before the breakthrough, and I believe there is a dark moment that comes before the bright of dawn," Dr. Robin says.

Dr. Robin says she knows firsthand the temptation to give up. In her own life, Dr. Robin says she wanted to give up when the person she had planned to spend the rest of her life with passed away unexpectedly. After dealing with much pain and grief, Dr. Robin says she now knows that throwing in the towel is never the answer.

Maybe there are circumstances in your life that cause you to want to give up. Maybe your husband or wife betrayed you, your career is not on track or perhaps your child is sick in the hospital, struggling to survive. "Your life has too much value [for you to give up]," Dr. Robin says. "Your suffering demands to be redeemed."