Dr. Robin Smith
During a recent checkup, Dr. Robin says she and her doctor were having a conversation about the importance of taking care of oneself and staying healthy. Dr. Robin's doctor told her that many patients don't always heed their doctor's advice—a fact that surprised Dr. Robin and got her thinking.

When you have a problem—whether it's with your health, at work or in your relationships—do you sit back and wait for other people to take charge? Do you expect others to make the first move, do the dirty work and fix your problems? Dr. Robin asks, "Are you doing your part?"

The real challenge in life, Dr. Robin says, is to do your part of the equation when you have a problem. "We're trained and we're raised to scan the world, to scan our families, to scan our marriages, to look for someone else to do what is our job," she says. "We're looking for someone else to take the leap; we're looking for someone else to make the apology first."

Assess the problem areas in your life—from your marriage to your job and even your health—and see where you can start to become more involved. Maybe that means hitting the gym or saying "I'm sorry" to someone you've hurt. "Figure out what your part is, and then today, go and do it," Dr. Robin says.