Dr. John Rediger
Dr. Rediger traveled to the Casa as a skeptic, and says he still doesn't know what to believe. The one thing he says he has taken away from his experience is that nothing is as it appears to be.

"If you can say something to the effect that 'I believe this in my head, but I don't believe it with my heart, I don't get it, it's too much,' and then a little incision manifests on the skin over the area of your heart...that means none of this is what we think it is."

Whether John of God's work is a slight of hand or actually a miracle, Dr. Rediger says it's clear that the power of faith is something that needs to be explored more.

"I believe the power of belief, the power of the mind, are far more powerful than we have begun to explore," he says. "I believe that's an unexplored wilderness in terms of research."
FROM: Do You Believe in Miracles?
Published on November 17, 2010


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