Susan Casey, Dr. Jeff Rediger and Oprah
One thing many find shocking about John of God's work is that it appears as though he's performing surgery without anesthesia or proper sterilization.

"As a physician, I have to say, you don't try these things at home or with your loved ones," he says. "These are things that I don't understand, so I can't fully endorse things that are beyond my understanding. ... I take care of people every day from surgery, and the risk of infection is typically great and something we have to take seriously."

Both Dr. Rediger and Susan say John of God is very clear that he is not against Western medicine. In fact, he urges those who come to see him to continue all treatments prescribed by their own medical doctors. Susan says that while she was at the Casa, John of God even invited doctors from around the world to come and witness his work.

"They're very careful not to ever pit themselves against the mainstream medical profession," Susan says. "He's never going to do a heart transplant up there. He's going to do whatever he can do with his ability to heal, and then you might have to go to your doctor for the rest."
FROM: Do You Believe in Miracles?
Published on November 17, 2010


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