Guests talk about John of God.
Not everyone who goes to see John of God comes back healed. Dr. Rediger says he thinks every case is unique. For example, Ernie's tumor was removed, but Lisa still has stage 4 cancer.

"It's the journey of the soul," Dr. Rediger says. "And we all are trying to use the illness to learn something that is unique to our particular situation, I believe."

Whatever is happening at the Casa with John of God, Dr. Rediger believes it's not about the phenomena or even about the healer—it's about a shift that happens to these people internally, spiritually or psychologically.

In terms of his own experience with John of God, Dr. Rediger says it's been life-changing. "Perhaps the real heart within us is not just a pump, he says. "Perhaps the real heart within us is about love and faith. Perhaps the physical body is not who we really are. Perhaps we are these invisible souls walking around, and the body is just an instrument or metaphor for something we are trying to learn."
FROM: Do You Believe in Miracles?
Published on November 17, 2010


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