Dr. Robin Smith
In a world full of so many different people with different religions, traditions and skin colors, Dr. Robin says you sometimes need to remind yourself that we are all more alike than we are different. After hearing of a recent apartment fire in the Bronx that killed 10 people, Dr. Robin says she was reminded of how people can see past their differences in times of need. The victims of the fire were of the Islamic faith, but their deaths brought out members of the community who were mourners of all religions, ethnicities and beliefs. "That level of humanity, it is not gone, it is in you and in me," Dr. Robin says.

Regardless of how you worship, if you worship, what you believe and what you don't believe, Dr. Robin says we are all citizens of the same world. "As you embrace that you are part of one world, the best of who you are is cultivated," Dr. Robin says. While many people fight and disagree over their differences, she says you should look for what you have in common with others. "There aren't separations that cannot be bridged," Dr Robin says.
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