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Linda Hamilton says having children helped her take control of her bipolar depression. "I don't think that 'mentally ill' is a phrase that most people would embrace about themselves," says Linda. "I think it was when I had children that I woke up and said, 'I have to be an adult; I'm not going to scare my children.' I want to be here in every possible way for them and, for 20 years, it had all been about me. Me. Me fighting to make myself feel better. Me fighting to manage the bad feelings. The emotions. The thoughts. The cyclical thoughts that I had. So I didn't want to be that person with my children. And I got help."

After years of fighting medication, Linda says medication has helped regulate her depression for almost 10 years. "Every day's a good day," says Linda. "It's taken me a long time to get my life back. To be the person I was raised to be and the person I always was inside that couldn't find a way out."
FROM: Depressed, Mentally Ill and Famous
Published on November 17, 2004


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