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According to Linda Hamilton, her reckless and unpredictable behavior ruined her first marriage to actor Bruce Abbott. When Linda became pregnant, Linda says Bruce couldn't take the ups and downs any longer. "He lived in fear of me," Linda says. "He left me saying I was a bully."

Devastated and alone, Linda says her life had begun to spin out of control—and then she got the phone call to co-star in Terminator 2. Instead of self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, Linda says she became addicted to exercise. "It could not have been better timing for me to get up every morning and get out there and exercise and start to feel stronger and turn myself into this fighting machine. So of course I went too far with the exercise."

Linda and Terminator director James Cameron soon married, but her manic depression threatened this relationship, too. "By the time Jim and I were together, I was really spiraling out of control," says Linda. "I fought him, I fought everything about his life." Her second marriage was beginning to crumble, and after their daughter was born, Linda says her depression even conjured up hallucinations about her children. "I couldn't leave the house without images of them being chopped into bloody pieces."

Eventually, with a very ugly public divorce looming, the pressures of stardom and a high profile relationship proved too much to bear. "I felt like I was gonna die, that I was just gonna lay on the floor and let go and let it all go," says Linda.
FROM: Depressed, Mentally Ill and Famous
Published on November 17, 2004


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