Meerkats: They're Cuter Than Sloths
Here, proof that these small relatives of the mongoose have supernatural cheer-up qualities.
cute meerkats
Cats are cute. Sloths are super cute. But on those really dark days, those bluer-than-blue days, when your boss sends you off with a "Do it over," someone lets the door slam in your face in the exact moment that your paper shopping bag disintegrates and then even your cheer-up hot cocoa explodes in the microwave, you need something more. You need meerkats.

They Wear Eye Shadow

Those big dark eyes. That head-furze. The ears. Makes sense that this baby meerkat is taking cuteness seriously—these animals reach maturity at age 1, so they have to maximize their youthful good looks while they can. Flickr user rofanator knows how capture meerkat action.