14 Conversation Starters to Help Break the Ice

The opportunities for connection are endless. Let these ways to strike up communication inspire you.

Expand beyond your office pals and connect with that one coworker you don't know a thing about.

Supermarket price check taking forever? Kill time by trading recipes with the nice lady behind you.

Allow neither rain nor sleet nor snow to keep you from saying a quick hello to your mail carrier.

About to send a text? Delete it. Dial. Speak. Be delighted by the sound of another human voice!

Time to settle in for an eight-hour flight—and share your Biscoff cookies with your seatmate in 28D.

At your next pedi, dive feetfirst into conversation with the woman dutifully caressing your toes.

The Nordstrom salesclerk asks, "May I help you?" Even if you're just browsing, take her up on it.