Dr. Robin Smith
Dr. Robin recently decided to get her car washed. After a brutal winter of snow, slush, rain and hail, she says she couldn't handle the filth on her car anymore. As soon as her car went through the wash, Dr. Robin says she immediately felt relief—her perspective became crystal clear. The incident, she says, made her realize that a clean car means a clear vision.

Dr. Robin urges us to take that philosophy and apply it to our lives. In your life, what has been happening that's made you somewhat blind, that's kept you from being able to see? "That's what happens in your life," Dr. Robin says. "As things occur and they fog our vision and they fog our ability to see things clearly."

You may be angry or blinded by bitterness, Dr. Robin says, but you don't know it until it's gone—and when it's gone, you're amazed you didn't crash your job, your marriage, your life.

"I bet in your own life you've had occurrences where things got blurry and you couldn't see, and therefore you weren't able to make good decisions…about what was best for you," Dr. Robin says. "Go and clean off your spiritual, emotional, psychological, financial windows. … Clear your mind, clean your car so that you can have clear vision and live your best life."