Circle Power
Join hands, everyone—this month we celebrate the power of circles. Because when women band together—whether it's for Scrabble or support, reading or righting wrongs, the greater good or the greater hilarity (or maybe all the above)—life just seems to get better. It's kind of a girl thing.

We now know that men and women respond to stress differently. Men tend to fight or flee; we're wired to connect and communicate. We phone friends. We form groups. That's how we soothe ourselves; that's how we get things done. For anyone who could use a hug, a shove, a good laugh, or a good cause, there's a circle. And if there isn't one yet, we say: Start one.

Create your own circle, and meet amazing women who already have:

The Real Health Clubs
Joining a group, any group, is a way to lift depression, boost your immune system, and maybe even help you get pregnant. Community not only lifts the soul but may also be beneficial to your health. Although the science can be squishy, with many contradictory results, a growing number of studies are showing that different kinds of socializing, from playing bingo to participating in support groups, can do a body good. Get the scoop on how circles can keep you healthy.

Be a Part of These Circles
The Scrabble Club. Brain Exchange. Women's Mountain Bike & Tea Society. Peace x Peace. Sound like a bunch of children's games? Join some of the most innovative and extraordinary girl groups since Diana Ross and the Supremes.


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