Dr. Robin Smith
We often demand a great deal from life and from ourselves, whether it's a promotion at work, the perfect home, or success in our relationships. At the same time, we can become overwhelmed and pushed to the brink by the same things we're striving to attain. What things are you juggling or trying to manage that have you stressed out? And more importantly, can you handle it?

When you feel you can't handle all the things going on in your life, Dr. Robin says you must reassess your priorities. "If you really want to live your best life—and you really want to enjoy all that you've hoped for, you've prayed for, you've asked for and you've really worked your butt off to get—you've got to figure out how to handle what's on your plate, how to clear from your plate the things that don't belong there, or how to clear from your table the people who shouldn't be sitting around it."

As we re-evaluate our duties and goals, Dr. Robin says we don't often realize that things we think are necessary are actually optional. "You're doing things that you don't have to do," she says. "And you're complaining about things that simply need to be scraped off your plate, put into the trash and let go."

The truth is, you can handle it if you make the necessary adjustments, Dr. Robin says. "What it requires is that you re-engineer not just the way that you're living your life, but the way that you are thinking about your life—the way that you conceptualize time, the way that you understand obligation and duty," she says.