Nova Scotia, Canada

Photograph by Shirley Caldwell

1. Nova Scotia, Canada
A northern fall sunset.
Near Leadville, Colorado

Photograph by Lisa Brand

2. Near Leadville, Colorado
Greenwich, England

Photograph by Amy Rodgers

3. Greenwich, England
My friend and I had just finished visiting the Royal Observatory and seen the prime meridian in England. We were on our way back to find the train station to get us back into London when we saw these flowers blooming and thought they were very colorful.
Port Angeles, Washington

Photograph by Sandy Weideman

4. Port Angeles, Washington
We have some really nice sunsets here in our town and wonderful scenery. Where else can you live with the ocean out your front door and the mountains out your back?

Photograph by Ashley Branham

5. Pennsylvania
I went for a hike with a friend of mine. Our hike was very relaxing; I had my feet in the stream, and my friend set up his hammock. He then told me not to panic, but come closer. There were three bear cubs in a tree! And one was an albino! They were so beautiful and there was something very calming about the experience. I managed to snap this great picture of them and hightail it out of there!
Maui, Hawaii

Photograph by Diana Lehr

6. Maui, Hawaii
Looking straight up at the treetops. As beautiful as the bamboo is to see, it is equally as beautiful to hear its sounds in the breeze...
Los Angeles

Photograph by Karen Dempsey

7. Los Angeles
I took this picture on my visit to Los Angeles this past summer. The light was perfect, and the butterfly was stunningly beautiful. It is one of my favorites and shows how beautiful nature is.
British Virgin Islands

Photograph by Joy Zichichi

8. British Virgin Islands
Yet another beautiful post-hurricane photo.
Betsey's Hope in Tobago, West Indies

Photograph by Harmon White-Price

9. Betsey's Hope in Tobago, West Indies
The early morning promise of a wonderful day after a day of stormy weather.
Lake Tahoe, California

Photograph by Ron Belair

10. Lake Tahoe, California
Living in Lake Tahoe, I am constantly reminded of our true beauty: I AM.
Samana, Dominican Republic

Photograph by Kristie Ashrafzadeh

11. Samana, Dominican Republic
A forest of palm trees.
The English Garden in Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, Canada

Photograph by Cloann Frechette

12. The English Garden in Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, Canada
This picture was taken during my road trip from Quebec to the Yukon in the summer of 2007. I was looking at the water lilies and then I saw this frog sitting in it as if it was a little queen sitting on her royal chair. Amazing picture. I was really at the right place at the right moment. Every time I look at it, it brings me peace and I feel calm. The frog actually sat there for a very long time.

Photograph by Amy Rodgers

13. Alaska
My mom and I traveled through Alaska (her third time, my second), and we just love how the postcards and calendars really do represent the beauty of this state.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Photograph by Joy Zichichi

14. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
So peaceful and calming—my favorite place to relax.
St. Petersburg, Florida

Photograph by Nancy Stephens

15. St. Petersburg, Florida
This was taken early in the morning. Just a wonderful way to start fresh and see the beauty we miss when we sleep.
Newfoundland, Canada

Photograph by Shirley Caldwell

16. Newfoundland, Canada
This is a beautiful scene I took on vacation.

Photograph by Ellen Powell  

17. Vermont
Many family farms in Vermont are struggling to survive as the big factory farms take over. Many go under. This is a rare family farm that is still working.
Yellow Point Lodge in Vancouver Island, Canada

Photograph by Elissa Barron

18. Yellow Point Lodge in Vancouver Island, Canada
I took this shot from across the outdoor saltwater pool at Yellow Point Lodge on a foggy morning in early December. This area of Vancouver Island is just so breathtakingly beautiful—one of the most restful places I've been.
Iguazu, Argentina

Photograph by Marlene Caldes

19. Iguazu, Argentina
In Iguazu, Argentina, you will find Las Cataratas, the falls. The rush of waters and their thundering song is a reminder that all is well with Mother Earth—that she is ongoing, fertile and self-cleansing. Humankind can take a lesson from her thriving presence to understand that it is humankind, not Mother Earth, that is in dire need of course correction. I will hear the sound of these thundering falls in my sleep for all my days and my heart.
West Pennant, Nova Scotia

Photograph by Jacques Nel

20. Port Elizabeth, South Africa


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