Fort Montgomery, New York

Photograph by Alyssa Jeanes

1. Fort Montgomery, New York
This photograph was taken during a "dream come true" vacation touring New York in the fall. The beauty of this scene was so overwhelming, all I could do was stand in awe with tears streaming down my face.
Door County, Wisconsin

Photograph by Lori Sherman

2. Door County, Wisconsin
Ahh, the brushstrokes…
Alberta, Canada

Photograph by Shauna Kenworthy

3. Alberta, Canada
I took this picture of a frost-kissed Amur maple leaf in my backyard this past fall. It reminds me that with the changing of the seasons comes a natural, interesting mosaic of depth, character and beauty. It also brings to me a comforting, joyful certainty that rebirth is a constant factor in nature.
Raymond, New Hampshire

Photograph by Karen Beauregard

4. Raymond, New Hampshire
I just love how this chickadee is delicately balanced atop the tree.
North Atlantic Ocean

Photograph by Miriam Arocho

5. North Atlantic Ocean
Sunset over the north Atlantic Ocean.
Tacoma, Washington

Photograph by Connie Hardy

6. Tacoma, Washington
Snow falling ever so gently, nature at its finest giving us a chance to feel peaceful and quiet and reflect on our lives and escape from the noises of everyday life.
Wedding Beach, Maui

Photograph by Deborah Huffstutler

7. Wedding Beach, Maui
On a trip to visit my father, I took many shots of nature. This was one of my favorite, most peaceful images.
Monterey, California

Photograph by Renee Lopez

8. Monterey, California
This photo was taken in Monterey, California, in December 2008 just before sunset.

Photograph by Ananda Spike

9. Chicago
Beauty of nature.
Raymond, New Hampshire

Photograph by Karen Beauregard

10. Raymond, New Hampshire
Autumn in New England is a beautiful time of year to enjoy all that nature has to offer. In this picture, I believe I captured that beauty.
Glenmoore, Pennsylvania

Photograph by Michelle Billetta

11. Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
Winter's prelude.
Cotui La Presa de Hatillo," Dominican Republic

Photograph by Debbie Germosen

12. Cotui "La Presa de Hatillo," Dominican Republic
I took this picture (not a professional photographer) back in 2004 while in my family's hometown of Cotui in the Dominican Republic. This is a man-made dam, but boy is it peaceful and beautiful.

My teenage daughter named it the million-dollar picture!
Greenville, South Carolina

Photograph by Michanna Talley

13. Greenville, South Carolina
Falls Park, located in Greenville, South Carolina, is a relatively new park. It is very beautiful and peaceful. It has become somewhat of a tourist attraction.
San Diego

Photograph by Ananda Spike

14. San Diego
The awe of nature.
Smyrna, Georgia

Photograph by Gudrun Gabriel

15. Smyrna, Georgia
There is a nature trail in my community. On the weekends, I take my camera and walk it, rain or shine, and take pictures of whatever catches my eye. It's my sanctuary—it gives me tranquility and happiness. When I return home, I can't wait to download the pictures and see what I have taken.

That's how I know I am doing "MY thing."
Nelson, New Hampshire

Photograph by Samantha French

16. Nelson, New Hampshire
Even after such a horrendous, dangerous and deadly ice storm, the sun still parts the clouds, the trees will sparkle and beauty and magic is all around us if we but look.
Glacier National Park, Montana

Photograph by Kelly Brown

17. Glacier National Park, Montana
As an aspiring photographer, I stopped at every mountain/lake view to get the sunset shot this day. It was an amazing day topped with a perfect shot.
Staten Island, New York

Photograph by Yessenia Rodriguez

18. Staten Island, New York
It was the fall of 2007, and I could not wait for the leaves to fall off this red maple tree that blocks my view in the summer. After a rainy day, I suddenly noticed it beauty. I could suddenly appreciate it. It was glistening when I ran for my camera.
Venice, Italy

Photograph by Frankie Corrigan

19. Venice, Italy
I know it sounds cheesy, but I have certain photos I've taken that give me a huge boost every time I look at them. This is one of them.
Anna Maria Island, Florida

Photograph by Carole Coffman

20. Anna Maria Island, Florida
This is my idea of peace, tranquility. The picture says it all!


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