Breaking Open Your Spirit
Elizabeth Lesser
It's no secret that Oprah loves delving into the meaning behind spirituality. "Anybody who knows me will tell you nothing makes me happier than talking about this," she says. "Spirituality to me is the greatest discovery of life. … For me, spirituality is recognizing that I am connected to the energy of all creation—that I am a part of it and it is always a part of me."

Elizabeth Lesser is a leading spiritual thinker and the co-founder of Omega Institute, an education center focused on wellness and spirituality. Elizabeth says everyone has a spiritual side, but she says it can be hard to tap into that part of yourself. "Spirituality is an instinct. We have our instincts to eat and sleep and work and survive and thrive, but we also have a spiritual instinct," she says. "When we talk about a 'spiritual path,' what we're talking about is already there inside us, this instinct that we are more than our mind and body. The path is just getting obstacles out of the way."