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Raquel Welch
Does Raquel Welch find it easy to stay in shape? "Are you kidding? It's a drag!" she says. "I resent it—I resent not eating sweets and carbs and having to be so disciplined. But that's kind of the way life is." She says that anything you want to accomplish takes effort: having a happy marriage, a good relationship with your kids or success at work. "And you've got to stay at it all the time."

Raquel's breakthrough role in One Million Years B.C. in 1966, in which she wore a "little tiny doeskin bikini thing," made her an international sex symbol—but she says she never went to a gym or thought about diet until she was in her late 30s. "I hear Cameron Diaz say she never has to watch what she eats," Raquel says. "I think, 'Just you wait, Cameron!' I used to say that, too. I ate jelly doughnuts on the set every morning." Now for breakfast Raquel eats a health food concoction of boiled string beans, celery, parsley and zucchini.

At age 65, Raquel says, "it's a losing battle" trying to keep the shape you had in your 20s. In 2003 she embarked on a program of yoga, aerobics and weight lifting. "I can look pretty damn good for my age," she says. "But my God, that's not the whole story. I'm a much better actress, I'm a mature woman and I have so much more to offer."