Dr. Robin Smith
It's been 34 years since Dr. Robin's paternal grandmother passed away. On her grandmother's birthday, Dr. Robin reflects on her life and on her philosophy for life. Dr. Robin says her grandmother was always very grateful and that she led a very simple life, and that she also suffered some tremendous losses, including the death of her husband and of her son. Later in life, Dr. Robin's grandmother lost her sight to diabetes.

Going blind did not stop her grandmother from living her best life, Dr. Robin says. Dr. Robin says her grandmother was very independent and navigated the world on her own, cleaning houses for a living, taking public transportation, going shopping and living alone in a large home. Dr. Robin says she is reminded of the lyrics to "Amazing Grace": "I was blind but now I see."

"I thought about my grandmother and how much she opened my eyes to," Dr. Robin says. "She taught me about perspective and resilience. She taught me about seizing the moment, keeping my opportunities open and never thinking that blindness was a limitation. She didn't see herself as handicapped she didn't see herself as disabled. She saw herself as different in that way, but in no way did she ever use it as her excuse to not live her life to the fullest."

Dr. Robin wants to know, are there areas in your life, opportunities in your life, that you've missed because you couldn't "see"? Maybe because of your "blindness"—your spiritual, emotional, relational, financial blindness—you weren't able to seize the moment, to seize the day.

Dr. Robin says today is about awakening, about seeing with your spiritual eye and your mind's eye. Because your vision is so tunneled you're missing out on what is waiting for you, she says. "There are things waiting right now at your doorstep," Dr. Robin says. "There are opportunities that are just sitting around with your name with them and you're just letting them pass you by.

"Open your mind's eye like never before," Dr. Robin says. "Seize today. Do what my grandmother has modeled so magically and magnificently. Go into your world and make it bigger and brighter and better."
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