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Cindy's back, she says, to "out" herself after gaining back the weight. "I have been hiding. I don't even go to the gym because I don't want anybody to see me," she says. "People know me as the lady that lost the weight and was on Oprah. Well, I don't want them to see me like this now, so I don't go."

While watching Oprah's confession, Cindy says something clicked for her. In the past year, Cindy says her husband was diagnosed with cancer and she lost her sister-in-law and her mother. "It was tough to just put one foot in front of the other. But when you said what you said about being grateful for the body working, I cried," Cindy says. "Through all of the tough times and the hardships and the tears and the anxiety, my legs still took me where I needed to go, my arms were still able to pick up the baby and love him, and my heart still worked for me to love everybody in my life."

Now that Cindy 's decided to get back on the weight loss wagon, she's not worrying about what others think. "When [people] ask me about the weight gain, I say: 'That's what I did. This is who I am. And I am a woman who loves and gives from the bottom of her heart. And if you don't like me because I'm not a size 2, sorry.'"

Now that Cindy's working to take care of herself again, she's starting to make better food choices—and also made an appearance at the gym. "They were so excited. It's like, 'Cindy, it's so good to see you. Welcome back. ... We'll see you here tomorrow, right?'" she says. "It took courage, but I'm back. I'm going to put myself on the priority list again."
FROM: Falling Off the Wagon Follow-Up
Published on January 12, 2009


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