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Erik's wife, Michele, says she has seen her husband's weight go up and down over the years, but says it's still difficult to start a conversation about it. "It's hard to tell someone that's lost 200 pounds that he's put anything back on," she says. "I can't tell him—he knows. When I do tell him, I don't want to hurt his feelings."

The mother of three says she keeps up her routine and is starting to feel some resentment toward Erik. "I had to keep going on," she says. "We just had our third child eight months ago, so now the only difference is I have three kids to take care of and I'm still going through and doing what I have to do."

But most of all, Michele says she's worried about her husband's physical, emotional and mental health. "I'm worried about him—desperately worried about him. I'd look at him and think it was like he was drowning and I couldn't do anything to help him," she says. "I could see it in his eyes, and I could see so many things happening again that we've been through."
FROM: Falling Off the Wagon Follow-Up
Published on January 12, 2009


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