Dr. Robin Smith
As you look back on your life, do you have many regrets? Maybe things you wish you did differently, things you wish you had said differently? Dr. Robin says the very fact that you're thinking about these things and feeling remorse shows that you've learned from them—and that it's better late than never.

Perhaps you were a young mother who yelled and screamed at your children. Or maybe you were a drug addict or an alcoholic. Maybe you think back on your finances and wish that you had spent or saved your money differently.

"What I say to you today is better late than never that you learned the lesson, that you embraced the wisdom, that you practiced the new principles," Dr. Robin says.

If you're regretting something in your past, Dr. Robin urges you to acknowledge it and make amends, even if it happened a long time ago. "What we have in this moment is that we can take everything that we screwed up in the past…but we don't have to do it again," she says. "We can take today—we can take the principles, we can take the promises, we can take our hopes, we can take our dreams—and we can transform our lives."
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