Michael Losier
Are you irritated because you've set goals but haven't reached them yet? In order for you to attract anything, Michael says you have to be patient—and in your patient state of mind, celebrate and notice what it is that you have been attracting. He shares advice on how to overcome impatience and allow your desires to be manifested through the law of attraction.

  • Set goals, but don't keep score. While goal setting is important because it sets the necessary energy in motion, it can sometimes cause you to focus on every minute thing you haven't yet attracted, Michael says. Instead, think of what you want, give it attention, and then let the law of attraction make it happen.
  • Don't wait to celebrate. If you wait until you reach the full manifestation of a desire in order to feel happy and excited, you'd be holding a negative vibration during the entire time in between setting the goal and receiving it, Michael says. Instead, take notice and get excited when anything shows up in your life that is in alignment with your ultimate goal, he says.
  • Go ahead and brag! Tell friends and family about what you've been attracting. You could even start a law of attraction support group where you can meet with like-minded individuals to share your law of attraction success stories, Michael says. "In your celebration and in your bragging of your manifestation, it causes you to send more of the same vibration," he says.