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In 2007, Rand, a bachelor from Seattle, set out to propose to his girlfriend of five years in a super way. "Geraldine is the love of my life because there's no other woman for me," he says. "I think we learn from each other, which is a remarkable thing, I think, [and] maybe a rare thing in a relationship, so I feel lucky."

Not content to propose over a candlelit dinner, Rand set his sights on the Super Bowl. He launched a website to raise the $2.5 million he'd need to buy advertising time during the big game.

Three months after the website went up, Rand disguised his identity and shared his story on Good Morning America. The publicity helped him raise $10,000, but he was still short of his goal. Undaunted, Rand landed a corporate sponsor to help him buy ad time.

One week before the Super Bowl, the ring was purchased and the proposal was set to go. Then, the corporate sponsor backed out. Rand had to come up with a new plan…fast.
FROM: "I Love You" Surprises
Published on March 14, 2008


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