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Jim says he uses Oprah shows that feature Dr. Oz to give his students a fun way to learn biology. "Dr. Oz is just so great at what I call 'edu-tainment,'" Jim says. "I teach seniors and juniors and sophomores, and I can't just give them this lecture material kind of dry and boring in the old way. I have to spice it up a lot."

For his dissection classes, Jim says he used clips of Dr. Oz showing what a healthy organ looks like versus one from a person who hasn't taken care of his body. "That shock value is so great for my students, and then I can really relate to them one-on-one," he says.

Just as in past years, Jim has already planned his special themed Valentine's Day dinner for Carolyn. "So this year, it was going to be a rock star theme, since she loves to be a rock star," he says. "I was going to clear out all the furniture in the house, get my guitar, get some lights."

Jim may want to put his plans on hold—there is one last surprise! Jim's principal has arranged for a substitute teacher, and Jim and Carolyn will be staying in Chicago for one more night so they can meet Dr. Oz in person. "That's fantastic," Jim says.
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Published on March 14, 2008


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