Dr. Robin Smith
Are you tired? Not sleepy, but spiritually weary or worn out? While it's natural to feel fatigue from our everyday tasks and responsibilities, Dr. Robin says it's important to count your blessings and be grateful, too.

On one particularly hectic day, Dr. Robin says her mind was wrapped up in her daily chores. She had to pick up medicine for her mother, tend to her dog and catch an early flight. In the midst of her busy day, Dr. Robin says she paused to catch her breath and experienced "a moment where my heart felt grateful, my spirit felt full, and I felt so much gratitude as I thought about what I was doing, where I was driving."

The truth for Dr. Robin was that she had a lot to do, but she was grateful that she had the ability and opportunity to do it. "What you may see as an inconvenience, if you look at it the right way, if you look at it a different way, it becomes a sacred, hallowed, blessed moment," she says.

When you're stressing out and struggling to get through your day, Dr. Robin says to "open your mind, to open the windows of your heart so that you are flooded with that which is possible in your life right now today so that you can see the glass as half full."

She says that when we are grateful and open to the richness of our lives, we gain energy to fuel our day. "I want your mind today to open toward gratitude, to open toward what you do have on your plate, and who's in your heart and the love that is just waiting for you to embrace it," Dr. Robin says. "That really is the medicine that will heal whatever ails you."