14 Awesome Reasons to Get Out of Bed

There’s no such thing as an ordinary day.

#8: Because There Is Always Something to See

Perhaps it's a great work of contemporary art. Maybe it's a super-awesome secret gate-to-another-dimension next to the stirring painting, like these kids found. All you have to do is go somewhere, anywhere, and stay open to the possibilities and you will almost certainly see something really worth looking at.

#9: Because Today You Have a Chance to Be Kind in a Small, Good Way

#10: Because 20 Minutes = Total Workout

As the writer Jenna McCarthy recently tweeted, "Doesn't it feel AWESOME to start the day with a ten-mile run??? (I wouldn't know either. But I can *speculate*.)" If you've been sitting around all winter/maternity leave/Game of Thrones season, here's the good news: In just 20 minutes, you can get the benefits of a high-intensity workout. Today's the day. Twenty minutes! That's really it!

#11: Because Your Dulcimer Isn't Going to Play Itself

Much has been written about the virtues of the early morning. Laura Vanderkam wrote for Fast Company about five things you can do before breakfast that can make your whole day better (and possibly, your life more successful), one of which is to take a moment for personal growth. As she writes, "Mornings don't have to be a death march out the door." Take a moment to consider the day ahead and connect with yourself. Whether it’s practicing your conversational French, perfecting your calligraphy or sketching the same view from your window every morning, spending a little moment in the day for a non-necessity, at a place in your brain that's not all logistics, can yield immeasurable rewards.

#12: Because Macaroni and Cheese Exists

It's the most comforting food there is; it's easy to make, and you can throw together two dishes at once and feed a neighbor.

#13: Because You Can Send a Postcard to Your Past

I am endlessly inspired by Viva Snail Mail!, a neighbor's old-fashioned-paper-mail-celebrating project. Recently, founder Melissa Lohman-Wild suggested sending a postcard to the current owner of your old college PO box, an idea I couldn't have loved more. This has nothing to do with fulfilling an obligation (shoot, really need to check in on so-and-so), and everything to do with reaching inward by reaching outward. What would you tell your college-age self? Write it on a postcard and send it off. By briefly tapping your inner wisdom, you might make someone's whole day.

#14: Because Sometimes This Happens