14 Awesome Reasons to Get Out of Bed

There’s no such thing as an ordinary day.

#1: Because the Brisket Waits for No Woman

You can't buy a McDonald's Egg McMuffin after 10:30 a.m.; and, Austin's famous Franklin Barbecue may open at 11:00 a.m. ,but it closes as soon as the juicy food sells out, usually by 1:00 p.m. And don't even get us started about cronuts.

#2: Because the Pea Shoots Might Have Sprouted

In a world full of virtual pleasures and intangible rewards, there is something uniquely, uh, grounding about paying attention to what’s happening in your dirt. Or window box. Or fire-escape flowering pot. Did anything bloom? Did a family of snails colonize the tomato plot, patiently waiting to be named by your children? Did one tiny, perfect strawberry appear in the community garden patch, having ripened there in the sun all morning just waiting for you to come and eat it? Better get out there and check.

#3: Because One of the Best Parts of Myrtle Beach Is the Anticipation of Going There

Of all the myriad pleasures vacation has to offer – the refreshing vistas, the escape from the daily routine, room service – one of its most bountiful is simply the idea of taking one. Savor that feeling of about-to-be-going excitement for a few extra hours. Today is not a workday. There are no household chores to do. There is only an outbound flight and a ticket with your name on it. Bonus: The first morning flight is usually the cheapest.

#4: Because It's 75 Degrees and Sunny Now...

...But it's supposed to be 95 and humid later.

#5: Because Sandwich Bags Can Become Fine Art

Of all the ways to infuse some whimsy into the everyday lives of your loved ones (Hot air balloon rides! Tree house vacations!), a decorated lunch has got to be the easiest.

#6: Because Starlings and Cicadas Exist

#7: Because Organized Canned Goods Make Everything Seem Better

So, your to-do list of organizing projects needs its own to-do list in order to be manageable. Still, you can tackle at least one household project today, something simple, that has a concrete solution. I prep for success by avoiding interior-design blogs that set unrealistic expectations (love you, Pinterest, but come on). Then I put on some good music, give myself a time limit of 15 minutes and start organizing: the mail, or one kitchen cabinet, or the first-aid supplies. It has to be something on a small scale, something that is done when it is done, a check-off-the-list-able thing. The whole house isn't going to be its best self today; but maybe, just maybe, one shelf can be.