Audience Members Uncut
Mayor Cory Booker
When Newark, New Jersey, Mayor Cory Booker appeared on The Oprah Show in October 2006, he had no idea what he was in for! At the end of the hour, Oprah made the big announcement that she wanted her audience—and guests—to participate in a Pay It Forward Challenge. With $1,000 in hand, everyone was given the instructions to go into their communities and do something nice for a complete stranger.

When Mayor Booker got back to Newark, he and his staff started brainstorming. Their goal was to come up with a plan that would keep on giving.

After throwing some ideas around, Mayor Booker and his team decide to buy books for the 13th Avenue School. "Education is knowledge," Mayor Booker says. "It's going to be an exciting journey." The shelves at the 13th Avenue School library are pretty barren, and what books they do have are old and outdated.

"I'm very grateful that the Mayor picked this school to donate these books," says Victoria, the school's librarian.