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Ken's pain was so excruciating that he bit down hard, shattering several teeth. Somehow he managed to make his way back to the house for help. While Ken Jr. called 911, Ashley, then 12 years old, got a dog leash and tied a tourniquet around her father's arm. "She came in like she was a trained medic," Ken Sr. says.

When emergency personnel arrived, they rushed Ken Sr. to the trauma center. Doctors worked hard to try and reattach the arm—but, sadly, the surgery didn't take.

With medical bills piling up, Ken Sr. and Rachel had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. "We've just hit rock bottom, and we're doing our best to get up," Ken Sr. says. "It just tore us to the ground." Ken Sr. says that when he goes to work he doesn't even eat breakfast or lunch, so he can save money.

Thankfully, things are about to get better! Jennifer tells the family that she has some money to help them get through. She gives them $300 for groceries, and each child gets $150 for clothes. But, that isn't all! The remaining money is going towards the mortgage.

"You don't know what a blessing this is. We aren't out there asking for help," Ken says. "We just kind of struggle along and just sometimes put up a façade."
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Published on January 01, 2006