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Meet teacher Jennifer Cooper from Charlotte, North Carolina. Jennifer was on a mission to find people in need in her area. She even spoke to her students!

Watch Watch as Jennifer's students describe what kindness means to them.

To find someone worthy of the help she could give, Jennifer contacted a help center in her community and was directed to a family in need.

Ken Sr., a former police officer, and his wife Rachel have no idea what was in store for them!

Ken Sr. and Rachel were married in 1986 and couldn't wait to start a family. Due to medical concerns, the couple had difficulty conceiving and thought all hope was lost. Then, after ten years of trying, a friend of Rachel's called them with devastating news. Their friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With only a year to live, she asked Ken Sr. and Rachel to adopt her son and daughter. With open arms, Ken Sr. and Rachel welcomed 4-year-old Ken and 6-year-old Ashley into their home.

After years of custody battles with the children's biological father, Ken Sr. and Rachel were finally able to legally adopt the kids. Just when life seemed to be back on track, the family was struck with another tragedy.

Ken Sr. had taken a day off to do some work around the house. When he went outside to cut wood with a radial arm saw, he made a tragic error. The saw, which was on a rickety table, kicked back on him and at the same time the table rocked forward. Tragically, the saw tore through Ken Sr.'s arm, cutting it completely off.
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Published on January 01, 2006


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