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Carrie Cirbo and her children, Taylor and Bryce, worked together to spread as much love as possible. They helped get clothes for women in a battered women's shelter, fed the homeless and made sure neighborhood kids got fall pumpkins. But, that is just the beginning!

To honor the troops serving in Iraq, Carrie and 12-year-old Taylor put together care packages filled with cookies and a special poem. "[We want to] let the soldiers know over there that we're thinking of them, we're standing behind them and that their paying it forward every day for us," Carrie says.

Carrie also helps Heather, a stranger she met through someone at a video store. Heather recently had emergency surgery to have an ovary removed, and due to complications, she has missed a lot of time at work. Because she wasn't getting paid when she was on medical leave, her bills had gotten behind and her car was being repossessed—until Carrie stepped in to pay the bill. "It's been something I've been really stressing about," Heather says. "You can not imagine how much this is going to mean to me. That you're doing this for me." That's not the only surprise! Carrie gives Heather an additional $60 from her own pocket to help with groceries.

Their next big idea will help give over and over again. Carrie and 9-year-old Bryce pick up the phone and call Heifer International to order a goat! Goats can help a family in need by producing about a gallon of milk each day—and what they don't drink they can turn into yogurt and cheese.

"Now that this is started, I don't want to quit," Carrie says. "I just want to keep giving everything I have in my pocket away."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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