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Brother and sister team Kevin and Cara Buchanan of Jackson, Tennessee, decided to use their money—plus an additional $2,000 in donations—to help a very special family.

Willie and Heidi are the proud parents of an adopted son, and they have custody of two more children who they are in the process of adopting—plus Heidi is pregnant!

To keep their surprise super secret, Kevin pretended to be a reporter interested in doing a magazine story on their expanding family. With balloons and flowers in hand, Kevin and Cara arrive at the home to reveal their surprise! "Just from walking in this house I feel a lot of love," Kevin says.

After breaking the big news, Kevin and Cara head to Target to do some power shopping! They fill five carts with diapers, clothes and toys for the family. "It's just amazing that someone thought about us," Heidi says. With the leftover money, Kevin and Cara helped the family pay bills!

"I have to say that this really, honestly has probably been one of the best days of my life," Kevin says. "What I really like the most is that the parents were really grateful and I think humbled by this. But I really think that they knew the reason we were doing this was because they're such amazing people. … We're definitely going to continue this."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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